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Monday, November 13, 2006

Third world !!!

HAve you ever wondered why the developed world called us third? We're no third world. We've been here we trust. We occupy the best part of the continent,land,weather,climate and Positions.
No earthquakes,typhoon,inferno,katrina,succide bombers,winter and the list goes on. Every country has gotten is own problem seen and unforseen.In South afrika aids is ruling,in Finland alcohol is kills most people,India starvation,amerika obesity,Holland cancer includin Belguim. Most western countires are battlin with cancer,alcohol and other ailment.
In Afrika is malaria,hunger,aids and water borne disease. If the government can provide funds and awareness on this ailment dis will be a thing of the past.
No food,no water,no job and no government. Our leaders are getting fatter and this is dangerous to thier health,to function properly in office. The view that a fat man is rich and well to do is outdated.
We want to see ministers with sixpacks lookin fit and healthy.Look at our leaders in China they all looked like Amerikans suffering from obesity.
To be contineud.

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