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Monday, November 13, 2006

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Au! I said it before our leaders are doing there best to better the life of their subjects. Since i was born and now i have grown i have never seen the government changing.
You see our leaders are going to Europe,Amerika,Asia and the rest of the world. The hold meetings to better the life of there country men but we see little changes.
NO water,NO food,No Job,No money,no road,no light,NO government. The brought Bill Gates,Clinton,Pope,Imam,Tony Blair,foreign company's still there is no changes. This things makes the peoples minds low and they can't think straight. Our leaders are getting fatter and there kids are studying in England and America. Their wives go for lipo suction and medical check ups in Europe. While the poor men are at there mercy.
The struggle must stop and we must start to enjoy. We must stop to leave tens years in one room. we don't want to live in face me i face anymore we want to live like lords and queens. No more sleeping under the bridge.
we want black science and Afrika civilization. We don't want to scrap shit anymore. our leaders must stop going to Europe and amerika,no must begging for funds and aids by our leaders.
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"Money does not make you happy but can contribute to Ur happiness" Victor. Money is like salt water,you can't quench your thirst with.
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