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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

earn extra money by placing your advert on nairalandmarket

Nairalandmarket is an ecommerce site that allows buyers,sellers,labourers,student,job seekers,singles,business men to meet at a market place called nairalandmarket. Are u in search of a job or jus been fired by your boss? Don't worry other doors will be opened via
I was working 9 to 5 jus to make a living stumpled on this idea. Why not set up a site where people can buy and sell there used,new,imported or self made products.Without living thier homes or enviroment. everybody is wellcome to nairalandmarket....even the road side mechanic are welcome.
How it's works? go to and place an advert. What advert can i place? Do you have a Gsm,radio,tv,cloths,shoes,school books,okada,moto car or spare parts that you want to sell in your house or shop?Take a picture of it and log onto nairaland and the rest will be history.... free advert site for all Nigarians.Place or read an advert on nairalandmarket cars,okada,gsm,computers and eletronics
You've a greater chance of selling or buying on nairalandmarket more than jankara market,alaba market or alade market cos on nairaland your advert can be seen all over nigeria and the rest of the world.
With 5 million nigerians on the internet you chance of selling or buying at nairalandmarket is bigger than the whole of Lagos state...Go to nairalandmarket buy and sell

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