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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

No government

Fellow Nigerian's this is what we've been going thru in the decades. Our leaders and senators are going to Europe,America and far Asia,still there is still no changes in my country.
Our leaders are buying land properties in Europe and America na wah o. Dem don forget common man for street. My brotha he go better,Naija go dey make money. Our leaders no go dey go Europe dey beg for aids and loans.
sometimes i look back and see that Naija is progressing,internet,mobile phones,infrastructures and business opportunities. Could u believe 5million Nigeria internet users and still growing. Diaspora are not included.
How many Nigerian's are there on earth? No one knows,we've more than 10million nigeria in diaspora. You can't even count Lagosians,there are speculations that 15 million people occupy lagos.Where do u intend to start from,houses are not numbered and there are social security numebers to identigy people.
I see a better future for all Nigerian's.Jus like we are seein in the politics,people are now enlightend and will turn there back to corruption and mismanagenement. Nigeria has misuse €300 billion since independent. That's a lot of money to start with.

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