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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bloggers in Power

Fellow Nigerians! We the armed forces of the federal republic of Nigeria has been invited by you all to bring a change in the Government. All airport,seaport,roads,business and borders are closed.All the press,students and traders are advised to stay at home.
All governors of the 36states are fired,military administrators are to be named soonest.All military officers to report to thier post of duty.student,traders,market women and all other institutions are advised to fellow instructions
All airports,borders,seaports are closed until further notice. All political parties are banned.Aso rock is no go area. Foreign reporters are not welcome,cnn,bbc and the rest. All government institution are to remain closed till further notice. Naija delta militant are dissolved.
General who is to procceed over Nigeria. All media houses are to follow orders,likewise radio stations.
All citizens are advised to be calm and desit from gossips and rumours.Military check will be mounted and there will be no collection of bribes.All foriegn enbassies and high commision are to remained guarded.
All bloggers are to report to the nearest police stations,failure to do so might result to closure of your blogs.We the memeber of the revolutionary council will decide the daily runnings of the state.
All internet cafe's should shot down.You can assist google any longer. Lagos bloggers have taken over.
God bless you all.

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