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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Free source for Naija people

Haven read so much blogs from all the world,i thought it will be nice to have a blog for Laogosians and naija's in Particular.Blog ur thought on lagosbloggers.
This is an open source for all bloggers and lovers of Naija blogs. Nigerians are are one of the best when it's comes to blogging.Nigerians are open to new technology and ideas in life. Every blog writer is welcome to write place a post or comment on this blog.
No water,no job and no government. And the ministers are going to Europe and America to see how this other wolrd are developed. Well,there will be change and we start to live like queens and kings.
I like the Nigerian is growing in it's economic aspects and communication status. Gsm and internet has changed lives of so many that they can imagine life without this gadgets.
And the Nigeria music has been improved in a very little time..rap,r n b,afrro beat has enjoyed acceptance at a greater scale.
More development,ideals on the nex post

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