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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hard thymes

I´m going thru one of the diffucult days in a man´s life. I believe in difficult times cos they make u stronger. Well it was anticipated but i´ll overcome it.
I started smoking due to the stress after quitting long ago.I´ve not smoked today and feeling cool. I´m actually ok but i think it´s jus a process in life. When i´m down i look at people in a difficult situation,then i realise that i´m lucky.
I love listening to Fela´s music they are cool.I like center of the world and upside down. I saw some of his clips on youtube and i really liked it.He fought for u an me.R.I.P fela kuti
I will be meeting with afriend tomorrow for a chat! He´s got goodnews and he wants to share it with me.I must go cock now cos i´m getting hungry.Talk to you later nope i´ll call u,bye........................

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