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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bod Geldof

I'm sick of seein Afrikan's dyin and hungrin on Tv and on the dailies. can't we write bout Africans living a better life and having a good tyme. Bod Geldof ones said we hate see Afrikans living like us,shopping and and eating ice creams in the mall.
I barely see any positive on Afrika been positive,hunger,Aids,drought,warlords,dictators and other striken diseases like hurricane sweeping accross Afrika. I'm a lover of documentary's,me favourite tv station is the Gc.
Schools in Europe don't teach about what they did to Afrikans,400years of slavery is no crime. The berlin conference of 1884-1885 was to divide and rule Afrikans. They came with ships and guns. Genocide was been committed by Leopold forces in The Congo.
Afrikans where defenceless and there was no mercy. The Dutch Vice premier even praised their VOC ship that was responsible for slavery trade and forced handling. U can't talk about the Nazi's occupation nor the concentration camps,You could be jailed for refusing to acept this facts that where committed against the Europeans. While the ones against Afrika is history been taught alone in a dilapidated shanty scools in Afrika.
There are other Afrikans but the media has no interest in it. Afrikans leaving in a betta standard than the Europeans,common it doesn't sound cool. They prefer to see Afrikans in caves and huts riding on a tigers back...

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