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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

2face dating Genevieve

I'm not a fan of moving pictures neither Nollywood. 2face could be doing Genevieve just like in Hollywood,two big stars dating is a fascinating media magnet. Just like Jigga n Beyonce. Caught Brad Pitt with Angelina Jolie in the Bahamas snuggling...Hm
2face is cool and Genevieve is hot, i think they could make a good couple and bring forth nice kids at least. What do you think? I like it when stars date one another it's good for their image. And i'm not talking bout money wise,stars are financially cool but but business man are far more better.
A Millionaires daughter Cos i was born into a wealthy family i could eexperiment.Or this one,i never knew we where rich,uuntili heard it on the street but we heard horses and boots. Money gives assurance you can always fall back on it.
2face could go international with plantation Boy's n score hits in US. Whilst Genevieve sweeps Hollywood withs her charm. I would love to see this Nigerian stars stretch there limit and expand there horizon aacross the globe.
Genevieve with an Oscar, tthat's achievable. Expand your views. wanna quit Ur job read the next blog


Donzman said...

Interesting stuff...Just checking in!

Anonymous said...

Like ur blog! i will love to be a member and post stuffs on it.What can i write about?
How many members are needed?

Oracle said...

Itz good news actually, but you know what they say CELEBRITY RELATIONSHIP/MARRIAGES NEVER LAST