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Friday, November 17, 2006

me website is coming!

me website is comin soon! I'm glad am hositing next week and lookin forward to getting and ftp password.I'll need an FTP totransfer me html code to the webserver.
The coming week i'll be downloadin lots and doin lts of computer work too. It's use to be an hobby now i want to earn money with it but it's going to be cool. I've got a lots of stuff to do on me site.I will be working on the layout and some HTML changes will be added.
It's sounds interesting and chalenging undertaking this stuffs,i hope it will be fruitful.Can't wait to see me site running,but lots of stuff need to be done.ME wibesite will be me first enterprise on the business sector and i'm optimist it will be succesful.
I jus postdated a mail to me webserver provider and i've not heard from them,it seems fishy. It's weekend and i'll probably wait till Monday. I was suppose to hang out with a friend tonight but me tired man,talk to him on msn or maybe skype him.

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