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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The future website.

I'm still working on me site to provide a medium where people can meet to buy and sell there product or service. Nairalandmarket is just a an equivelant of Ebay. What makes nairalandmarket different from Ebay is namely it's mainly for the Niaja market.Secondly there it's not compulsory that you've to bargain.
When u see an item of an advert that interest you you can contact the seller and make negotiation. When u come to terms you can contact each other thru email,telephone or other means.Skyping will be available in the near future.
Do you've an item u don't use anymore,for example gsm,radio,television,motor car,okada,shoe,wrist watch,car spare parts and any other stuff that's occupying a space in your house? Don't try it away,jus take a picture of it and log onto a site and place you goods onto it. Placing your service or product on nairalandmarket gives you a greater chance of selling ur product at a good rate. With 20million Nigerian internet users you will surely find a potential buyer or seller of a product.
Tell a friend,family members and neighbours about this site cos due to unemployment rate souring in the country you can money money buying,selling and advert your service at nairalandmarket. You can check my advert on this site and if u are interested you can contact me.
With this site fully utilised,millions of naira could be generated for every potentail users. Do you have a resturant,boutiqe,food store or a you a running a one man business? Place you business address and service on this site and watch how ur business start to grow.
This is me new job as i've jus quit me job.Thanks for visiting nairalandmarket.

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