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Monday, November 13, 2006

Coup de'tat in Lagos! Chxtab arrested at press time.

Fellow Naijas!!! We the armed blogger's of the Federal republic of Nigeria has taken over the seat of power at Aso rock. Controversial writer Chxta will be arrested or advise to seek political refuge in Ghana-resistance by Internet cafes and yahoo boys will be crushed. Protesters will be arrested and be jailed.ADC airlines can resume there operations and Molue drivers are to be blamed for the last plane crash..All potholes in Lagos and Ajegunle will be filled. Check points will abolished and bribe will be a thing of the past. All bus stops and area boys will be abolished. Kerosene price will be cheaper and smuggling will be dealt with.Computer village will be destroyed and any resistance will be dealt with by the air force,army and Naija delta militant.
More jobs will be provided for the jobless men. Agejunle will developed and be deleted from the list of third world countries.Tinubu will be removed from office by the Area boys and girls. Nepa will be sold to Cameroon and Nigeria will be importing oil from Congo.
Hold ups will be a thing of the past,NYSC will be fused will be police and crime rate will be reduced. Teachers and doctors will get an increase in their salary's. House rent will be increased.Sleeping under the bridge will be legal and rents will be collected annually. Nigerian economy will be privatised and the Talibans and Ijaw militant will be investors.
All men will be circumcised and Churches will be paying tax. There will be minimum of one church in a street...You are warned to join lagos blog to post your thought andbe faithfull to the blog.
Election will be held soon..ssssssssssssss.Radio switches off.

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