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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Naija millionaires free advert site for all Nigarians.Place or read an advert on nairalandmarket cars,okada,gsm,computers and eletronicsDo you really think that you're earning enough? An average Nigeria earns 1$ a day or otherwise. How much do you earn? What is your job? Too many questions to start with.
Do Nigerian's earn enough? What about the goverment officials,business men,enterpreneurs and the well to do? I guess they do earn enough 2be fat and well dressed. For the common men a working 9 to 5 trying to make a living things will turn around.
How can u increase your income? There are lots of ways to increase your income,u don't need to search far. If you don't have a job you can create one as well. As i always say"not how much you earn but how much can you control your money" Adebisi.
You can start by cutting ur expenses namely phone bills,water bills,eletricity bills and other expenses as well. You can call free of charge thru skype. Get a bore hole in place of tap water it's more cheaper and cleaner and save 10,000 naira per year. You can also save alot from eating at home instead of restuarants. Cut ur alcohol consumptions and don't make lavish parties.
Get a clipper and cut your hair by yourself and save 5000 naira per year. A good health is the best wealth. Do some workout four times a week and cut your obesity rate and look fit.
For every naira you spend think twice about it. learn to save cos what you save today you will use in the day of need... How to become a millionaire in Naija
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