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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Naija Bloggers

Are you still jobless? Get a life and start living. Why is two third of the youths and the graduates jobless? I don't like using the jobless and i prefer unactive and they still yearn for the best things in life. U want the best phone,cars ,cloths and gadgets when this things are not been produced in naija.
Nigeria is a big market beggin to be explioted! To start a business in Naija is simple,you can start rendering services or trading at a road side! I think it's our culture sometimes to be dependent on ur friends and families.
I left me parents home at a very young age and the experience is rewarding. An average Nigeria will at is thirties is been feed and catered for by his parents. I support the system thats sends a kid at twenty out of is parents home to go fend for himself,jus my thoughts......
Why should i get a job when i'm been catered for by my parents.That mentality has to stop. Start doing something creative and forget about politics. Log onto and get the best out of ecomerce.With this ecommerce sites,streets and roadside market will be disconqected. You can even buy and sell tomateos on
Corruption and fruade has costs us $380 billion dollars more than the half of dollars in circulation.Don't misuse the site and don't do fraud. God bless Nigeria

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