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Monday, November 20, 2006

Britian loses millions to Nigerian scammers!

What a weekend ! I'm still experimenting with my xbox and it's really fun to have. I played a racing game,what's the name again.Last nite i went to the city for a walk cos i've been in doors for the whole week working on me Laptop and doing some renovations in me house.
woke up this morning and i turned to the News. Nigeria scammers milking Britons,Russia spy poisoned and Nigeria aviation industry escaped another air disaster.All to many for a weekend.I'll love to see Nigerians change there attitude of always seeing scamming as a way to riches.
despite all the millions of dollars been scammed there is no significant changes in the life of the citizens. All they do with the money is bogus living,driving Lexus and Benz.That will not change the economic situation of Nigeria.
We need industrialization,we need something solid to build our foundation on. The secret of success in life is hard work.No matter what u do,try to work harder cos you always rip the benefits. The more the scamming continues the more genuine business investors and trust in the Nigeria society dwindles.
Nigeria needs to make a new start with hard work on it's mind.

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