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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Say no to Yahoo boys

Goodmorning! I'm seeing Fela's doc on youtube,injustice and corrutption he talked about. Yesterday i made some cash transaction for me site.
Hey xmas is fast approaching,i like the December month not for his festivals but for is bringing in of the New Year.What are your xmas plans? The crime rate tend to increase due to xmas and all that. Boys jus wanna get money to spend on this occassion.When not get a job far before this period or save some money to spend on xmas in instead of stealing.
I like listening to online radio on MY Ecommerce site is still in a making hopeful before xmas the site will be ready.It's a site where u can buy,sell,advert and promote ur business. is the to be if you want to earn some xtra money.You can buy and sell ur new,second or tokunbo goods and services on the site.
Why are Nigerian's always looking for shortways to riches,secret of success is hard work. I suggest if Nigeria was fraude free it will be a better place to live and do business.

1 comment:

patricia said...

yahoo boys do something good. Make your country a better place.. Use your talents to create your own business and jobs. We do this in America..we don't sit around crying in our get up off your scamming behind and make an improvement..Boys leave the american women alone..we are catching on to your romance scams. Don't you feel foolish when you don't get anything and we waste your time.. Don't mess with our hearts..We will do everything under the sun to bring you down. Never under estimate a woman's
anger......So BOYS..sleep at night and dream about hard work and heaven..Thiefs will not enter into Heaven.