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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bought an Xboxlive

I jus bought an xbox for me younger brotha for the santa claus,xmas and the new year! Damn the stuff is damn xpensive with all it´s accesories and shit. That´s why Gates is so wealthy. To buy an xbox,accesories,games or upgrade softwarely or hardwarely it will kost u $250 .
He´s jus 11years old and he makes me fell like big brotha. Not like Johnny de mol,that chap is rich.He likes to call me name with respect and i don´t value that,like calling me brotha,, I don´t like that.
I don´t really like celebrating xmas and other stuff,i´m reserved. Xbox is cool,it´s a multimedia gadgets packed in one.I hope he likes the xbox.An xbox live can serve as a FTP serve,music,dvd and foto's could be played and downloaded to it. You can play games online via a router cable. You can download movies and games onto the in built harddrive but it expensive.
My birthday is coming up but i´m doing anything special. I´m going get something special from me Girlfriend,that i will keep a secret. I don't fell like i deserve a gift cos am not in da mood.Talk to you later

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