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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Who do you blame?

I just got this in my email from a friend. Now who do you blame? You can't blame the fire service just yet, THE FIRE HAS NOT STARTED! Why are people going to fetch fuel just four days after hundreds died in a similar incident?

Its happening again! Just a few hours after the Abule Egba burst pipeline claimed hundreds of lives, there is another case of burst pipeline a few km away from the other incident. This time its at Ipaja. They are having a field day now as the place has not yet exploded. Some one please help!!! Now where is the fire service????


Anonymous said...

The help is to reduce poverty and provide jobs! Kuwait has a €165 billions in reserve for there unborn generaions!
What do Nigerians have for the there unborn generations? Poverty stricken enviroment.
I beg make una begin process feul for naija and tap other sources of incomes!
Happy new year

Anonymous said...

How many body bags will wake us from our slumber! The oil is a blessing to Nigerians not suppose to be a cause.