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Friday, December 1, 2006

Nigerian church

The rate that churches are been born in Nigeria is alarming,with a church or two on the same street.People has choosing to seek refuge in lord in face hardship,unemployment,unseen evil forces,witchcraf and economic failure.nairalandmarket is my our contribution to the economy,where you can place free adverts,cars,eletronics,gsm,cloths,general goods.The nigeria version of ebay.
Why can't we face our economic failure and work hard to fix our country,hard work is the root of success and not by sleeping nights at the church.Religion is a big business says BBC in Nigeria,with millions of worshippers and a lot of fortune and miracle seekers.
All i can say is that you can believe in what ever you want too but by giving all your money and time to going to church will not the situation.I have read books about millionaires and economist and they never mentioned religion.If you want to be financially liberated you've to work extra more.
I'm not against religion or what so ever.Look at the Europeans that brought us salvation they have deserted the religion.What makes us to be a church goer? When you fill you be oppressed by spiritual or physical forces.
Why do we believe some much in this nonsense spirituality that does not exist.
Nairalandmarket has come to offer solutions to joblessness and create market where you can sell ur goods and services.Nairalandmarket coming soon

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