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Saturday, December 16, 2006


The earthly angels God gave us
People we Love, people we care for
they uphold us when we excel
but cover our shame when we fall,
They rejoice with us in time of Joy
and cry with us when we mourn

People who will be there when you need them
people to support you when you stumble
People we call brothers and sisters
people we are connected by blood
people that express unconditional love
People we sometimes ignore
people we provoke

Our family is not only our brothers and sisters
but those that truly love us for nothing in return
people who would never stab you in the back.
our friends and people we trust are a part of our family

The connective force between family members is nothing but LOVE
The Love expressed is the identification code of members
Our family is the first school we attended
the first playground we played on
As family members, it is our obligation to Love
and be Loved

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