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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

European explorers or illegal immigrant? Choose 2006 AD

"Immigration is a phenomenon" colonel Ghaddafi. it's been since the evolution of species.Nature has played a significant role by aiding species to migrate in search of foodstuff,water and a habitable environment-supported by the food chain...
based on evolution theories that life began in Africa with the early occupants migrating to other parts of the world namely Asia and Europe.Back to the evolution studies it struck me that species migrated and sometimes they do return to there normal environment a time too many.
While Europeans discoverers and sailors where been sponsored by there state to explore and dominate the world from Australia,Amerika,Asia and covering Afrika.They where heroes in there days and in this present times.Which drew my attention to the Afrikan explorers with no names trying to discover Europe with there rikket boat,no navigation,no flag,no weapons and gun power on board.Still they are called illegal immigrants for exploring there world. Maybe they left too late many a times.
While Europe and Amerika are building trenches to keep explorers out of there territory. 5million illegal immigrants has settled in the US for the past five years in Europe a lesser figure. The 1st world citizens migrate at easy while they make it difficult for the 3rd world people.trenches will not solve immigration,but it might hinder it.
European union is expanding at a great speed meaning doors and borders will be opened to member states free for goods and people.When will the third world be included in the free trade and movement of people in the first world.A scheme could be set up to enable students,workers and others to be able to migrate with the availability to go back home and return with no barriers.Africans that do migrate fleeing wars,warlords and hungers should be giving a recognition if accepted in there country of destination.
The first world makes up to 40% of migration,China 20%,India10% and the rest divided among other nations.Immigration can be a lesser issue if proirity is been giving to it,instead of turning blind eyes to it. Immigration laws as been tightened in Europe and Amerika why they migrate at easy. The curses are far lesser than it's blessings,immigrants who migrate are ready to do odd jobs and chores not been occupied.Even flip burgers and do illegal jobs to own a daily bread.
Immigration should be accepted and made easy by implementing a standard.

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