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Saturday, December 16, 2006

28 Nigerians arrested for Drugs smugglng

On Sunday the Schiphol police and custom officials of the Hollands international airport has arrested 32 in connection to drugs smuggling.That's the largest amount ever on a plane,it's a record said the officials.28 Nigerians and the rest from Ghana,U.S.A and Liberia.All believed to detained at Schipol prison.

The drugs where found in there bodies and some in their baggage's,the substances where swallowed,which can only be detected by a scan.

It's was a joint operation said the authorities because It was a 100% control on the plane that's normally for planes coming from the South America countries.

The flight was from Casablanca and it's believed to be a new route for the gangs.

Also this week the Dutch police smashed a gang of eastern European gang which deals in drugs.The police recovered a pistol,7 kilos of hard drugs and €60,000 in contact cash in the building.

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