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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Richest Nigerian

Prince Abakaliki Of Nigeria

Net Worth: $2.8 billion Source: Telecommunications Age: 37 Marital Status: Single Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria Education: Yaba College of Technology, B.S.
The first son of the late KING SANI ABAKALIKI, the former head of state of Nigeria; presently under protective custody as a political refugee. Despite his confinement and rumored physical and psychological torture, PRINCE ABAKALIKI does have a broadband Internet connection and keeps busy sending out countless e-mails to complete strangers who he hopes will cooperate with him in a mutual transaction. Specifically, PRINCE ABAKALIKI wants to get his hands on his share of his father's estate ($50.000.000 US DOLLARS) which has been deposited in a fund with an unnamed foreign security company. Once a trustworthy stranger has opened communications with PRINCE ABAKLIKI, he will send a LETTER OF AUTHORITY to them, so that they may clear the fund and invest the money for him. For their services, the lucky stranger will receive 30% of the $50.000.000 US DOLLARS. New member.


Donzman said...

Nice one! Prince Sani Abakaliki!

Donzman said...

Nice one...Prince Sani Abakiliki!

Anonymous said...

Boy, i think you just got hooked up with scammers mail. the contents of this news reeks of scam. anyways, it's all on publicity. the more people know about these, the better equiped they are.


Nigeria millionaires said...

what are thought of people falling for scammers promising them stolen money from Afika.
I wonder how people fall for this scammers,it's due to greed and quest for easy wealth.
Most victims are eeducated and gullible.

Anonymous said...

Why're Nigerians interessted in the richest among them.I'll be instead search for the poorest and write about it and expose all this ploitical thieves stealing from government.

Anonymous said...

Actually, that profile is from forbes.

Unfortunately, it's a fictionalized character from a movie, hence the title "top 5 richest people who don't exist" You can type his name up in to see for yourself.

Emmanuel E Ekanem said...

It is criminal to ask for a reciprocal link on my blog and after getting it, one month later, i am still waiting for my link to appear on your blog.I will wait 48 more hours.