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Friday, December 1, 2006

Leaders of tomorrow

What are we doing to ensure that they have a bright future,tomorrow will surely come and the future looks blank.When i ever i see young kids on the news and around i get a feeling we're not doing enough.
Afrikan youths are exposed to difficulties growing up,as kid all they need is love and affection from there families.Child slavery should stop as i'm writing this blog.I read news online from BBc afrika and i gets to see pics of Afrikans kids with dreams.
The slum school won the picture award last year on BBC.I see future and determination in this kids.They've got no food,cloths,toys and other life neccesities and they are determined to be something in the future.Pilots,doctors,teachers,farmers and all profession you can imaging,they;ve dream't all about it.The future is around here and we've got to give them a chance to fullfil there dreams and ambitions.
why can't we change our mentality towards our youths and the young ones by preparing them for a better future.No more street kids,sexual explioted kids and stop child trafficking.
The youths are the leader of tomorrow

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