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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Obasanjos profile

Net worth: Undeclared(stashed in various bank accounts) Source:farming Age:69 marital status:widower Hometown:Otta farm Education:war college

Rumoured to be very powerful in Nigeria and longest ruling president in Nigeria.Former prisoner at alagdon close and best friend to IBB.Future plans to rule Nigeria forever but he didn't succeed.

Said to love anything in skirt and loves corruption.With all he has looted he wished to end his career as a student.Lets hope he will not be probed in the future.Wanting to plant a friend as next president to minimise his chances of been investigated.Wil he return to his Otta farm or the classroom?

Helped by his best friend to jump bail and next to the seat of power.Later turned to worst we've ever had.He could be impeached very soon.Once born again but now stealing from Government and he's now on EFFCC list of most wanted.

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