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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

When will we ever learn?

A small spark in an environment filled with volatile gases will cause a lot of deaths.

Oct 1998: At least 1,000 killed in Jesse, Delta State
Mar 2000: At least 50 killed in Abia State
Jul 2000: At least 300 killed in Warri
June 2003: At least 105 killed in Abia State
Sept 2004: At least 60 killed in Lagos
Dec 2004: At least 20 killed in Lagos
May 2006: At least 150 killed in Lagos

Now this: Pipeline blast in Lagos kills hundreds...


Anonymous said...

We'll never learn and there is No Government! How can pipeline be layed in residential area?
even if the scoopers haven't gone there it's still pollution and the risk of fire will never be evated.

Anonymous said...

That's what you get when there is no planning! The pipelines are problaby too weak and needs to replaced.
lets plan our lives,enviroment....
There is use to residential areas,industrial areas and many more.
there should be jus planning all we need is planing !

gargantuosity said...

We are looking for original photos from the explosion.

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