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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Should Nigeria be divided?

It was a big business when Afrika was occupied and colonised by the then western powers,the Queen of Engeland,all royal families in Europe,rich business men where all involved.The wealth was so enorm that the country was built on it. The wealth is still roaming in families and business....

The state of NIGERIA was founded for a selfish reason. It was almagated in 1914 solely to derive more raw materials and to generate customs duties for the benefit of Engeland by colonel Lugard!Nigeria was never a state dus and someday it will sieze to be.The failure of the state has been forseen by the then Governors and Administrators of the Lugardarian goverment.But Lugard saw a vaste amount of wealth and natural resources, Rubber,groundnut,timber and palm oil were shipped in millions of tons. The basic foundation of a successful state are Religion,ethnic and geographical settings, There has to be oneliness in a state or it will not stand. This are the rocks that Nigeria as a Nation lacks, We are not united as a state.All this has happened in the developed world and still to be developed.Western Europe,America,Asia, and still going on in Eastern Europe, Well Eriterea has succeed in breaking up form Ethiopia? Pakistan from India, Belguim from Holland and Taiwan is still on it, Ireland from Engeland, South korea form North korea, Spain from France, USA was also divided but was unified by the barrel of gun.Slovak rep form Czeh republic.Serbia from Montenegro republic. USSR splitted into 15 seperate states by the 1991 belavezha accords. United provinces of central America dissolved into 5 countries,namely El savador,Nicaragua,Costa Rica,Honduras and Guantamela after member states declared independence in 1841. Yugoslavia dissolved into 5 states in the nineties, Belguim is a two state (Vlaams and Belgie) adminsterd seperately but fused at the head as a state.The seperation of Nigeria is the beginning of the seperates states progress, The states could be administered and governed seperately or be unified via a central government, Igbos in BIAFRA.Hausa's ín the Fulaniland and the Yoruba's in the YORUBALAND.Minority ethnic clans will be governed and administered by it self and could be fused at the head as a state(practised in belguim).History will prove me right, At your service,


Donzman said...

Sometimes I think it will be best if we all split up and every man goes to his father's land. On another hand, I try to wonder of what benefit that will be, will it stop the looting since people will be confronted with the suffering of their people on a daily basis?...Leaders will be more inclinced to good leadership since the Yoruba man will not want to see his ancestry home in shambles. I don't know if that will be case and I don't see any other reason you can give for breaking up the country. My main question still remains; WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF BREAKING UP?

Chxta said...

I am extremely busy at the moment. In the middle of course work and a series of tests.

However, your post has a lot of historical and factual errors, which must be addressed.

Expect me here insh'Allah 1900 GMT 15/12/1006.

Nilla said...

Nigeria should not be divided..(will probably blog about that later)

@ chxta
you meant 15/12/2006 right? :-)