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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Christmas in Lagos

It's 5December and Santa Claus in coming to town and all the hustling and bustling of the of the festive season. I have to buy a gift for my girlfriend cos on that you exchange gifts and presents.It's a long tradition that Santa Claus comes from Spain to Holland/Vlaanderen and also U.S.A

White Christmas is always wanted cos it's so cosy when it's white at Christmas and you watch through the window too see it's snowing.And in Afrika it's hamattan which i like very much.It's makes dawn fogy and it's very cold you don't want to take your bath.
It's a folk that long long time ago a kind hearted man named Nicholas gives gifts to kids on his birth on the 5Th of December in the ancient Turkiye.After his death he was made a saint and the tradition began.
some I'll like to be in New york for the Xmas and new year and be part of the fiasco on time square.I don't really believe in Santa Claus but it gives a feeling of the festivity coming ahead.I've planned a New year eve party with two of my friends and they will be coming with their girlfriends.
The mean issue is to spend the night with my love ones around me and to reflect on the past year.I will make 2007 my year and work on my mistakes in 2006.

I'll be writing more about the festivy month and the coming new year.

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