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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Sex Post

This is my own response to the furore created over Overwhelmed Naija Babe's post. I'm doing this simply because I hate the hypocrisy that has trailed the original. To the people she tagged (those on her blogroll), I think you are all fucking cowards. You all visit her blog for fun, you all voted her in Taurean Minx's awards, and y'all are now leaving her to bear the brunt of religious nuts alone? Show her some support in real terms. Do the shyte.

1.) How old were you the first time? 17

2.) Name of your first? Ebo

3.) Good or Bad? Bad. Due to my inexperience, she made me feel like a wimp, and laughed at me a lot after that. Didn't go near another woman for a year after that.

4.) Name of the worst and why? Refer to previous response

5.) Name of the best and why? A girl known as Vivian. Whoever trained her did an excellent job.

6.) Weirdest place you ever had sex? Upstairs lecture theatre, Faculty of Social Sciences UNIBEN.

7.) Favourite Position: Missionary. I'm pretty conservative.

8.) Ever fake an orgasm? How? I'm a guy.

9.) Would you admit it if the person asked? Refer to above

10.) Favourite time of day to have sex? Conservative. Night time.

11.) Most times you have had sex in one day? There was this crazy girl I went out with in my UNIBEN days. There was a time she came over to visit. To make a foolish story short, I missed lectures for 2 days. Amebo people, I can't give her name. She's married now. Can' be held liable for someone else's divorce. I'm already heading for trouble on the ground of this post...

12.) Same person? Yes.

13.) Ever fantasize about someone other than the one you’re with? Yes. I was once in an embarrassing situation. Myself and U went on a date, and a girl I had a minor fantasy about came around. U caught me ogling her.

14.) Restrictions during sex? If I ever get back to this rather unfamiliar terrain of discussion, we might talk about that.

15.) Accessories? Au 2πr

16.) What? What?

17.) Done it in the rain? Shower

18.) Done it in a car? No

19.) Had a Threesome? No…. not interested

20.) Want to have sex now? No.

Tag all who read this. We have to show people that you can't impose your ideas on anyone. Convince them, yes. Impose? Never!


Anonymous said...

She shag me brains out and me cock went lame from pre cum.
Don't make me write bout me first masturbation,sorry had sex. OOh it was so sweet and slipery.She always wanted more and more experienced. She used me cock as a dildo on her clit and drove us both made.
I did it with no condoms and i really enjoyed. Actually it was for a months time. I was on a holiday and i got hocked.
Please stop..I nearly came

Nigeria community blog with more than 24 authors said...

Hum! Una no dey shame. Una don turn to oyinbo. Well the first time me we be both enjoy sha.