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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Blacks are not beatiful?

This is a subject that was been discussed on yahoo.Hope you will enjoy it.

It is often said that the victors are the ones who write history. Well what applies to history also applies to our collective sense of what is beautiful or fashionable. The refined noses, slender firm bodies, and ivory skin that you see ubiquitously appearing on all fashion magazines, that informs the population as to what is aesthetically pleasing, are images that are created by the rich and elite. These rich and elite are at the stations in life that they are in because their white ancestry was successful over foreign nonwhite populations; both economically and militarily. Hence, they get to define the standards of what is acceptable and what is not. Naturally, it follows that they will formulate what we consider to be beautiful, after their own image. I will have to be honest with you. Though I am cognizant of how they shape my opinions, I still can’t help but find white women, and women of Latin descent that conform to the Aryan physical ideal, to be the most attractive. I don’t find black women attractive unless they are mixed and have Caucasian like bodies and facial features (i.e. Halley Berry). That goes to show you the power of the media.
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