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Monday, January 8, 2007

Europeans not christains anymore!

It is often said that the victors are the ones who will always write history. Well what applies to history will also applies to our collective sense of what is good or bad!Is the church dead? Probably when you will be reading this the church service will be over. Following news around the world it's seems the church is old fashioned. Churches and religious houses are been sold to business men for financial reasons in Europe.The churches deserted and neglected now night clubs,hotels,museums and sex attraction centers in Europe. As the former church goers are now too old or weak to occupy there ones shinning benches, In America homosexuality is tearing the church apart talk less of the congress! Churches are been divided and Bush locked in jihad (holy war) with the Muslims in the name of terrorism. Slavery that drove the African Americans into accepting Christianity was purported to divert there thoughts away from the devils that possessed them(colonial masters).Slavery,looting,raping in one hand and Christianity in the other.Back to Europe, Churches are now multifunctional also serves as grave yards and ceremonial venues for the elites and monarchs.The prayer clocks still louds but not been listened to! Sunday's are now shopping days with malls,attraction centers and markets filled with lots of people. Do they forget is Sunday? No, They've broken are from the God-in Dutch it's called "van god los" and they condemn Muslims for not doing same! Headscarf's are been banned and circumcision are been condemned! The practice of Homosexual is embraced and encourage. They call Muslims terrorist and result to the provocation of Islam while they brainwashed Africans and sniffed life out of it in the name of the lord. Back to Africa we where forced to accept Christianity,Islam,Judaism and all other artificial religions! Religion to me,goes with a race and it should not be exported or coaxed on other weaker cultures.The same churches that are exporting Christianity to China and other parts of Africa are been funded by the churches in Africa mostly, Churches in Africa are now miracle centers,they deliver you from unseen evils and economic failures most especially in Nigeria. Everyone is a man of God and the African roots are been discarded with scorns.African names and traditions are been lost, Pastors now fly commercial jets and cruise around in 4wheel drives drives.Church's are now personal properties and hereditary is allowed. Pastors are now been flown in from overseas for miracle seminars and the sheep's flock to see them.Expecting to delivered from there burdens and black forces always trying to pulling them down. Where this pastors from people barely don't know them but beceause they are white we tendend to like them, There are positive sides to it as well.What happened to our ancestors that where not coaxed to accept foreign religion and names? Are they in hell? I guess you won't fall for that. In the name of Christianity and quest for raw materials for there industry generations where been destroyed.You hear this in Nigeria if someone dies of malaria they say "na god give na hem dey take back". The mortality rate at birth between Africa and a developed world is big. Why is it so? Is religion or science the cause? We'got to figure things out ourselves and rediscover our selves, Too many examples to mention. Why don't we speak our or write with our mothers tongue? Why is an African religion not been accepted and recognised, Are we not holy? No western country teaches African language at there schools, Yet we embrace there culture,language,name and religion as been superior.Back to the Vatican city, why do Africans invite spiritual leader's from overseas to Africa? They can't better our lives,they can only add to the damage. What can the pope or imam do to better our lives? Africans have resorted to religion to exscape starvation and hunger, What we need is too work hard the more.Churches in the western world preaches about the community and fellowship while African churches preaches about salvation,heaven,hell and wealth, Nigerians have resorted to religion due to the lost of trust in the system, As you reading this Buddhism is encroaching Africa,Europe and America as well. The exportation of culture and religion goes forth. That's an African he will always prefer foreign culture and religion."A stronger culture and religion will always dominate weaker ones" Adebisi. But we can use our senses to determine our views and ideas. We are been brainwashed by the local TV,radio and media houses that we are weak. The media plays an instrumental position in shaping our views. Western TV and journals portrait Africans as lower than animals from CNN,BBC and there regional stations. A friend of mine stops using the cable!Growing up this kids will see Africans as been low and there views are been shaped.Once asked a friend if we were been colonised by the China,India or irak majority will stick to the religion that came with it. If Nigeria/Afrika was developed today the churches will loss it customers because they will be occuppied with jobs and careers.They will be enlightened and see religion this religions as been artificials and they will stick to there's. jus my thought's Goodnite

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