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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Mails from a scammer! updated daily

Best wishes !
On the second day of 2007 i placed an adverts on a classified ads site and the followings are the details.I was testing a site out that i placed an advert to check is functionality and the following (scam)emails i got from a buyer to be.
Me:(seller)Are u in need of xbox 360 20GB to replace your old xbox contact me for a good price
Law:(buyer)HELLO DEAR,that is a lovely item i will pay the sum of 70 GBP and extar 30 GBP for the item, for international postage,........ email me asap as will proceed the transaction.
Law:(buyer)Thanks for your mail, I live in United Kingdom but i'm currently on course in Germany, i want the item sent abroad to my son's schooling address below:
Me:(seller)OK. Just thinking loud! Why can't he buy an xbox in Germany and send it to his son and secondly Christmas is over.
Law:(buyer)I want to buy the item for him as a Christmas gift, i will make an immediate payment via Bank Transfer Or Pay pal, Which ever is convinet for you, pls send me your Pay pal Address or your Bank Details so that i can make the payment.
Me:(seller) want to read more? I will be posting my reply very soon!

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Anonymous said...

What a fool!