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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Nigerian Gay Law Passed!

What do you think?
Please send us your views and comments.
Should Homosexuality be allowed in Nigeria?

"I am a staunch supporter of the Nigeria gay law been passed banning same sex marriages and also the practice" Ad

Lets save the Nigerian morals and cultural values for the generation unborn. Homosexuality is alien to us. The roots of homosexuality can be traced back to boarding schools and seminary's in Nigeria. When a group of teenagers are separated from there source of sexuality leads to this behaviours.

We lust and love our women also otherwise. History will prove me right.


Anonymous said...

Lets resist the corruption of our culture and traditions

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you.Same sex mariages should be banned.[Too bad south Africa embraced it,sha na white man land too].
I can't imagine why any woman would want to make love to another woman.Take a look at the gorgeous men we have on earth!
And why,for pete's sake, would any man make love to another man!What happened to all the curvy ladies out there!
Shame on Adam and Steve.
Shame on Eve and Ann.
Let's give it up for Adam and Eve!
That is the grand design from above!

Anonymous said...

That is just complete crap!!!This is the real problem wih society, everybody seems to think they have a right to judge other peoples tendencies, homosexuality is not something you choose, it's just who you are, nobody knows why some people are born that way, they just are, and most gays struggle with it for years just because society has decided that they should be shunned not embraced. Anybody saying it is a corruption of our morals and traditions must not be living in Nigeria, cos that country has already been crrupted and left for dead by normal people with no help from homosexuals, the government should focus on rebuilding nigeria not wasting time fighting for religious morals that by law should be subject to choice

Sparkle said...

those people should be wiped off the face of the earth, period!

Anonymous said...

i suppose the one who wrote "those people should be wiped of the earth" was talking about black people ?
or was he talking about Muslims ?
possibly the Jews ?

Would it be because (s)he does feel confortably with his:her own sexuality ?
It is often the case.

Maybe bigots should be the first to be wiped off.

I think there are more inmportant issue to solve

divali said...

surely,mr.annonymous knows he wouldnt have been born if his dad slept with a man or his mom slept with a woman?
have gay people stopped to consider that the very idea of homosexuality is against nature? or are heterosexual people meant to provide babies for gay people?or does it get to the point where two gay couples(male) donate sperm to gay females=children,the very fact that you need a man and a woman to conceive(unless man advances to the point where he starts manufacturing sperm)tells you men and women are like night and day-its nature,baby!or i know it must be difficult being gay but i'm not sure the nigerian society or any society for that matter owes you a duty to make you feel good about it...i guess pedeophiles were also born that way,same with schizophrenic killers,why dont we just embrace em all?they were born that way...put a sock on it...marriage is not for gay people.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so uptight. Gays will not force you to be like them. Let people love how they like. Nigeria has a lot more important problems to work on.