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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Nigeria new notes

Reading the BBC news online,i stumbled on the Nigerian new notes and the new law banning gay culture in Nigeria. I am glad Nigeria is going through some changes which the citizens are really longing for. I know the European community will contribute to spread the acceptance of Homosexuality while they are banning Muslims from wearing headscarf. Even the early Christians wore headscarf's. To view the notes BBC New Nigerian Notes

The Nigeria notes are really stunning and forge proof which gives the country a further step in fighting organised crimes been perpetuated by the Mafiosos,Well no currency is 100% forge free.

Well the most interesting expect of the new notes is that the Arabic text in the former notes where not included in the later which gives me the joy to write this post. That a foreign language is in scripted in an Africa currency is a colonial misdone. I'm looking forward to reading an Arabic text on a Dollar some day or otherwise. Why must there be an Arabic or English language in an Africa currency? I ask and hope i will gets answers.

Language or culture is not holy and should not be treated as such. Languages,culture and religion are a thing that should be limited to a certain group of people. That Nigeria is a English speaking country does not do the country any good. In Japan,Germany,Belgium,China and other well to do nations they do not feel attached to a foreign language or see there language as been inferior. I hope England will include a Yoruba or Swahili language in their currency someday.

What is a Language? Language is a organized sound and tongue spoken by a group of people or tribe. That the Arabic,English or French language is writing in an African currency dates back to colonization. What as the Arabic,English or French language done in bettering our lives in Africa? None.

That the three major languages in Nigeria has been in scripted in the new currency which gives a sense of belonging,that an African should be proud of it culture and tradition. I hope other Africa Nations will learn from what from this.

Living a Europe as taught me a lot than a learnt in my 12 years of schooling in Africa,You learn more from travelling. In Holland the second largest majority,the Turkish people which counts for about half a million people are not giving the priority to practice there culture and language. Why cos a stronger culture or language must precede. Which comes to the point that the Europeans are also scared of what they did to their colony's.

Not forgetting about the major reason i am writing this blog the new currency. I hope you all have a wonderful time using it and if you have a issue using the new currency just drop a comment on this blog.


Anonymous said...

It's truely Nigerian. The flag and text. Wish this error has been corrected a long time.

beautyinbaltimore said...

I like the new nira but I have an issue with Nigeria banning homosexuality. Only a small part of the population are gay 7-9%(anywhere), so people should just get over it.

Oracle said...

The new currency is a great development, i particularly love the N20 note.

Beautyinbaltimore, i totally support the ban on homosexuality. Itz true that few are gay but very soon the percentage will rise and spread. When these gayz are horny they'll need to have sex with someone around, thereby perverting someone

Anonymous said...

Cheetarah said...

The writing on the naira was not arabic but an old form of hausa script called Ajami. Sadly it seems even the oga of CBN was not aware of Nigeria's history. If you wanna read up on this google it or vist talatucarmen blogspot she did an article on this, Cheers!

M&M said...

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iGwatala said...

On the notes. Those who KNOW should also know that 1, 3, 50, 20 etc are also arabic numerals. What's the hype about anyway. Latin is on the American currency, and it's a dead language as far as we're concerned. Which christian would claim to have been harmed by the so called arabic text? The inclusion, or the removal for that matter, is inconsequencial. An illiterate would recognise the note without the inscription anyway.

Summation: stop making this a religious thing!

NB: You can read my full comment on my blog.