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Monday, July 30, 2007

The Little favour of Appreciation

Itz a beautiful Monday Morning, itz the beginning of another working week
We probably had a wonderful weekend last week and we just can't wait for this week
Itz someone's birthday somewhere, it someone's anniversary somewhere. Itz a beautiful beginning of a wonderful week.
Itz still morning and we're probably just waking up or we're at work or somewhere, but I know that if you can read this post, then you're alive.

The Question is "Did you Appreciate God for making you breathe the free air today?
For making you wake up on the right side of the bed.
For making you to be in today's populace
A lot of people wished they were here but they couldn't make it.
I know you've probably heard this before, and you're hearing it again
Just a short prayer to express gratitude for being the man you are today will do you no harm.
Itz a little favour that is extremely profitable to our soul.
If we thank God for what he has done, he'll definitely do more
But if we wake up without thanking him, then itz like we're saying we woke up by our power. Itz the Picture of an Ungrateful who'll definitely need more.
If you've haven't prayed Today, just close your eyes wherever you are and say a short prayer of Appreciation to God for making you be the man and that you are, and the man you hope to be.
Let us make it a Life duty.

1 comment:

Viaduct said...

I really love this post, it is interesting what the human race takes for granted, the biggest gamble we take is not submitting to God's authority. After such a sacrifice of sending His only son to die, we live as though God is our instrument by asking for things. Instead we should always pray that our lives are used as instruments that bring glory and honor to God.